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May 23 2018

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Studio Killers fanart, with a twist!! A collectable, dressable, brushable, posable, lovable limited edition 90′s-themed Cherry action figure. Little bit of Moschino S/S 2018, some classic P!nk, and of course Mattel. Obviously, you can’t actually buy this figure, but one can dream, right??

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i cant believe that there might be millions of possible alternate universes and i got stuck in one where my fuckign brain is Broken



mario is so funny as a character because he’s such a good person but that doesn’t stop him from regularly fighting a toddler

mario @ bowser jr every time he gets in the way of him giving his dad an old school ass whooping for the 280th time 

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If i ever post something that’s not gay let me know and I’ll delete it!

May 22 2018

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Over his lifetime, acclaimed Nigerian photographer, J.D. Okhai Ojeikere, photographed thousands of hairstyles worn by Nigerian and African women. Today, these photographs have been seen around the world and continue to inspire stylists, hairdressers and photographers alike.

To pay homage to Ojeikere’s work, photographer Medina Dugger created the Chroma  photo series, which she describes as “an ongoing series that celebrates women’s hairstyles in Lagos, Nigeria through a fanciful, contemporary lens.”

by Damilola Odufuwa 

so beautiful.

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@_nailplug did these!!!!!!! 💘💖💗💞💓💗💖💘💖💗💓#blackgirlsdonails #bgdn #pinknails #thuglife #rideordiechick #nailcharms

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Shea Couleé by Adam Ouahmane.

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Lady Hideko, 2018

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Today is a very special day for two of my favorite boys!

First of all, it’s Jinkles’ hatchday today! He is officially three years old! Second, Monty is one year post op as of today! His little incision is hardly noticeable now after one year of recovery. 

I am so proud of my little guys. I will be sure and treat them extra special today!

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Cameos of Antinous

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Who is he

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Hi everyone, it’s me, Zee, reaching out for help with my medical bills. I’m a trans guy, I work full time and have health insurance and I still struggle to pay my medical bills because I also have to worry about rent, a car payment, and other boring adult crap.

Recently I had a hysterectomy, which was actually covered by my health insurance thanks for my chronic pain due to endometriosis and family history of ovarian cancer 🙃

That said, what I actually owe is the above amount of $5155.55.

I got a credit card purely for this purpose but it only covers up to $5000. So, while I wouldn’t expect anyone to just GIVE me money, let alone enough to pay all my bills, I would be super grateful for some help. If you can spare a dollar or even a reblog, that would be amazing.



omg i found a vintage coty compact on ebay and it’s so charming and cute
so this is the modern packaging for the coty airspun powder

And here’s the vintage compact


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